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Landscape Development

Hardscapes and Stone Work

When designing and planning your new hardscape, we must take several things into consideration.

  • Architecture of Home
  • Use of space (casual or formal entertaining / relaxation / recreation)
  • Number of guests (minimum and maximum)
  • Drainage

Our goal in creating your new hardscape area is to give you a room or space outside of your home. This area can be used to entertain guests or serve as your own private sanctuary. We want this area to be an extension of your home, but yet someplace different to enjoy. These hardscapes can also serve as a functional extension of the home such as a sidewalk from the driveway to the front door or a path from the patio to the vegetable garden. With all the new products available, the possibilities are endless.


Walls serve many purposes such as outlining a courtyard, holding back a hillside, creating a seating area or just accenting a small grade change. These walls can be made from several types of segmental retaining walls to palletized wall stone. The options are vast and we choose the material based on the application and the architecture of the home.

Your hardscape is only as good as the base it is on, so we pay special attention to the soil conditions at your site and prepare the proper base to ensure a long lasting project. We use the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) guidelines as the basis for our hardscape installations. This type of work also requires that extra attention to detail that we have. Spring Rise designers can give your hardscape that added detail that will make your new space your own.


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