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Spring Rise Landscapes can help extend the amount of time that your landscape and outdoor space can be enjoyed. A properly designed and installed landscape and architectural lighting system offers many benefits to the homeowner.



The illumination of pathways, stairs, decks, patios and recreational areas create a safer environment by helping prevent tripping and falling.


High-intensity security lighting and post lights meant to deter intruders are both unattractive and largely ineffective. This high- glare lighting leaves areas of complete darkness, making it difficult to see intruders.  Our designer will help you choose the proper fixtures to reduce glare and create a well- lit area, visible from the interior of your home.


 Proper landscape lighting helps enhance the natural beauty of your property, as well as creating a striking ambiance through the use of light and shadow.

Nighttime Usability

Additional lighting zones can be created for specific use at specific times, such as party lighting on your lawn. New technology allows for individual fixtures to be controlled separately or in assigned groups, which can be set for different times of day or night, and at different intensities. Ask us about the benefits of LED low- voltage landscape and architectural lighting.

Tip: To save time and money, provide the designer with as much information about your property as possible, i.e. plot plans, house plans, other surveys.

Design Contract

Design Contract – the contract for design services will include: scope of work, site layout using recorded plot plan, onsite measurements, and photographs of property for design purposes.

Design Packages

All Spring Rise Base Landscape Design Packages will include:

  • 2-scaled landscape plans
  • Plant List
  • Quote for Installation of Design

Our design work varies with each project, from basic foundation plans to large estate planning and multi-phase residential projects. If you have never worked with a landscape designer before, the following outline will help you better understand the design process: